Conveyor belts

For our screeners we have in our offer also conveyor belts in lengths of 3,4,5 and 6 meters.


More fractions MDS

Our unique design of the trommel screeners divides the trommel screener up to 3 standalone segments, and for each segment is possible to use a sieve with different sieve size. For trommel screeners it is possible to combine up to 3 sieves with various size of the openings. Together with use of the conveyor belts it is possible to screen up to 3 different fractions and oversize material.

Sorters and divider

Optional accessory for all models of double deck screeners. Makes possible to screen up to two fractions and oversize material. Can be installed later as an addition.

Vrchní část

Upper part only

Upon agreement we can deliver only upper part of the screener. Consequently it is possible o build the screener as a part of recycling line or install the screener on top of the supporting concrete construction based on customer request.


Apart of the classic rectangular sieves we can install to our screeners also other types of the sieves. For example DOSER harp sieves, vertical harp sieves and horizontal harp sieves for materials difficult for screening. Sieves can be provided in a stainless finish. We will always offer you the best solution.

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