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We're Czech producer of vibration and trommel screeners on the market since 2011. In our current range we have 14 models of screeners, which we continuously innovate.

We design and construct our screeners ourselves. We always bring new technical solutions. We focus our attention on the production quality and exact processing. Compact design of our screeners brings pssibility to recycle construction materials and sil truly for everyone. With the whole system it is easy to manipulate, and it is quite easy to transport to desired site.

Main advantage of using our machinery is an overall lowering costs on debris removal and related lower impact on the environment.

Our screeners are to be used also with construction of homes. Most suitable machine for this type of construction is MS MICRO.

Main advantages of our screeners are

Trouble free operation
Simple manipulation and transport
High output
Lowered cost of the debris removal
Lowered total amount of construction debris and related environment protection
Simple service

Introduction on the market

2011 - MS 2800
2012 - MS 2000
2015 - MGS 3000
2016 - MS MICRO
2016 - MS MIDI
2017 - MDS MIDI
2018 - MS GIANT
Twin Motor2
2019 - MS NANO
2019 - MS BIG
MS BIGTwin Motor2
2020 - MS ATTO
2020 - MS PIKO
2020 - MS MINI
Twin Motor2
2020 - MS MIDI
Twin Motor2
2022 - MS NANO+
2022 - MS MINI
2023 - MS OMEGA
MS OMEGATwin Motor2
2023 - MDS BIG
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